Furniture HQ: what is it?

Basically there's 2 major sections:

1. Wholesale Warehouse: We offer a huge variety of furniture and deco from all over the world. We are a one stop furniture wholesale warehouse, where you can consolidate the mixed container of items that sell best in your business.
2. Furniture brands platform: We are a platform for brands to develop themselves on the Chinese market.

What you can expect

1. Buy an eclectic mix of styles and a selection of brands.
We import ethnic styles from India, Africa and South America, as well as European Antiques; and present them in one warehouse with one catalog. You do not need to travel to all those places anymore and be pushed into buying a full container load of one local style.
We represent several respected foreign brands, who mainly want to sell on the Chinese market, but we find out our international buyers love to grab a few pieces of those brands to add to their container.
We also have some Chinese brands in our portfolio, who through our platform want to be seen internationally.
2. Sell to China your furniture or deco collections. Have your brand launched in the Chinese market.
In first place, Furniture HQ (Huan Qiu Jia Ju) was created to sell on the local Chinese market. You can read more about this below.
There's a huge purchasing power over here, an eagerness to consume and experience new styles. Brands are settling down as the market became more mature.

The name and logo

furniture HQ worldwide furnitureHQ can be : Head Quarters = the central place for your furniture buying

But as the first aim was the local market, and the first products were mainly ethnical styles from all cultures of the world, we've came up with the Chinese name Huan Qiu Jia Ju = World Wide Furniture/Living .

The logo thus represents the World globe, and the "initials" HQ.

The history

Reading this part will explain you our concept.

Siri, the American associate, has been a trader in Chinese Antiques since the year 2003. As a one man business and Based in Beijing he shipped out several containers per month. In 2006 he expanded and setup his company Asia Home Deco to serve more and better to his customers. became a website focused on product, an online purchasing platform where you can fill up your container with a selection of Chinese furniture from over 20 different factories in and around Beijing.

In 2007 Antoine, the French Associate joined (after 3 years working for a top French multinational in Qingdao)and they've registered the new holding company KNG Asia, with the aim to serve the ever more purchasing requests from outside of China and not only furniture anymore. KNG Asia developed itself as a qualified sourcing agent and quality inspector.
In 2008 KNG Asia setup a joint venture with a French partner AFC Development, to form KNG Wood and focus specifically on lumber a wood related business. The French partner soon brought partners in natural wooden flooring, high end French furniture, etc ...

in 2011, Frederic, the Belgian associate, joined KNG Asia (after working 4 years in Beijing's furniture industry) with the aim to develop some of his own projects. With an investment of capital Asian Home Deco rented it's own warehouse and started buying stock, paving the way for the major project of Furniture HQ.
Frederic experienced in his previous job the need in China for a furniture and deco market offering styles previously unknown to Chinese society. Retailing European antiques and Indian classical furniture, he got request to sell these at wholesale conditions to Chinese small entrepreneurs who either don't have the knowledge, visa or the capital to procure abroad themselves. At the same time collaborations were taking shape with the first 2 major partners: D&M Depot and BLISS.
As the concept of Furniture HQ gets heard and with the power and experience of KNG Asia and it's team, more and more partners step on board and the sales forecasts are bright.
An overview of the services FHQ and it's partners have to offer:
- wholesale
(buying buying buying!)
- sourcing
- QC
- market entry services
- brand positioning and registration
- reps office management
-  localization of your sales and marketing
- franchising services
- factory auditing
- ...